Hi there, I'm Roy Straub! 👋

Welcome to CodeCraftr, my name is Roy Straub. I've been (happily) coding since 2010 and made it my profession in 2015.

Since then I have worked as a Frontend and Backend Developer, and like being a polyglot. Most of my experience is in Kotlin, Java, Javascript, Typescript, but I also dabble in Scala and Python.

I currently work for Xebia as a Software Engineer.

A Passion for Software Craftsmanship 👨‍💻

After a few years of developing software I got my hands on a copy of The Pragmatic Programmer, which was a pivotal moment in my career. It made me realise the importance of the how of software development, not necessary the what.

A good carpenter makes the difference by the way he wields his hammer, not by which one he is wielding.

Ever since reading that book I've been exploring the realm of Software Craftsmanship. I publish my findings right here, on CodeCraftr.

What You'll Read Here 📰

The content I write is diverse but will always have one thing in common: it will be about becoming a better software developer. Expect to read about:

  • Extreme Programming
  • Clean Code
  • Software Design
  • Books
  • Productivity
As long as it can improve your software craftsmanship, I'll probably write about it!

Disclaimers 🙋‍♂

This is a personal blog. Any opinions expressed here are mine, and mine alone.

Roy Straub