Category Updates

Change of content language 🌍

After quite some debate, I decided to take the plunge and write my content in English from now on. I’ll explain why in this update.

Hello Blog! 👋

Al een tijdje wil ik een blog starten en nu is het eindelijk zover!

Category Conferences

Domain Driven Design Europe 2021 🇪🇺

Een conferentie die voornamelijk samenwerking en hands-on sessies benadrukt, maar dan virtueel. Hoe was dat?

Category Craftsmanship

🕹 How To Use Exercism To Learn Programming Languages

Want to learn a new programming language, but don’t know where to start? Exercism might be what you’ve been looking for…

⚗️ Concocting the Battleship Codekata

B1. Miss. A2. Hit. That’s right, it’s Battleship! I created a Codekata for this nostalgic game. Learn all about it in this post.

🥋 How to become a better developer with CodeKatas

Practice makes perfect, and we developers can hone our skills with the CodeKata.

5 Tips voor een vliegende start als software developer 👨‍💻

Als startende developer is het lastig te bepalen wat je moet doen om te groeien. Met deze vijf tips maak je een vliegende start. 🚀

Category Books

📕 Implementing Domain-Driven Design Review

Implementing Domain-Driven Design aka The Red Book. I held high expectations for this title, did it deliver? Find out in this review.

📘 Book Review: Technical Blogging

Are you thinking about starting a technical blog? Technical Blogging might be the book for you. Learn why in this review.

📘 Book Review: Domain-Driven Design

The “Blue Book” is a classic among software developers. What makes it so renowned? Is it that good? Find out in this review.

Leestip: The Phoenix Project 📙

DevOps. Wel eens van gehoord, maar heb je niet helder waar het om draait? Dan is dit een boek voor jou.

Category Software Design

🏋️ The Might of Microtypes

Ints, Doubles, Strings. We work with primitives all the time, but did you know they can hurt your Software Design? Microtypes can help!

☕ Improving Software Design with Role Interfaces

Role Interfaces offer a different perspective on the Interface in OOP. Learn what benefits this type of interface can bring your software design.

Category Tests

🔨 Maintainable tests with Test Data Builders

Refactoring and then spend hours changing your tests? Not sure what a test does? Test Data Builders to the rescue!

Category Languages

💘 6 Reasons to Love Kotlin

After a few years of working with Kotlin daily, I reflect upon the six most compelling reasons to use the language.

Category Productivity

🔥 5 Tweaks for a Productive Terminal

The terminal is a developer’s best friend. I’ll introduce five ways to make it an even better companion to your workflow.