Change of content language 🌍

Change of content language 🌍

After quite some debate, I decided to take the plunge and write my content in English from now on. I’ll explain why in this update.

The reasons for starting out in Dutch πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

Let’s face it: writing is hard.

When I started this blog, my reasons were mostly aimed at self development. Initially my goal was to put my thoughts on the proverbial paper, in which so far, this blog helped me tremendously.

Writing blogs is, as I found out, a skill in it’s own right. I wanted to focus on acquiring this skill without having to cope with the language barrier as well, since English is not my native tongue.

Why switch then? 🀷

After a few months of using this medium to express myself I came to a realisation: a blog is a mean for learning.

What I mean by that? Well, much like CodeKatas a blog can be used to learn particular skills. For instance, I can take my own pictures for this blog learning something about photography as well as blogging. Want to learn about SEO? Learn about it and apply it to your blog!

One learning goal I’ve set for myself is to get better at writing in English. Specifically I want to improve at more technical texts and writing style. There is more learning material available in English regarding these subjects.

Besides learning more, switching to English also allows me to share content with a broader audience. One of my goals for this blog is to be able to share my ideas, for instance with teammates. Writing content in Dutch excludes teammates who don’t happen to speak that language.

How about the earlier content? πŸ•°

The content I wrote so far is quite valuable to me. It took great deals of effort to write, but also to come up with the ideas.

Besides this I also see my blog as a public wiki of ideas I have. Andy Hunt calls this way of organizing your thoughts Wiki Gardening in Pragmatic Thinking and Learning. In order to link these ideas together they need to form a consistent whole.

For these reasons I will be translating the posts which are most valuable to me. These generally revolve around ideas I want to refer to later.

So… Here we are, the first post in a different language than my native one. I enjoyed writing it, hopefully you did reading it too!